Verification of FL DVD duplication system

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Verification of FL DVD duplication system

Post  Admin on Sun May 30, 2010 9:48 pm

This operation will start the copying process and will be followed by a verification process to ensure data’s correctness. Therefore, the duplicator will not eject discs until verification is complete.
a. This operation will copy the Master Source onto Blank CD/DVD discs. Before the use of this function, ensure that the correct reading source and blank discs have been set.
b. The FL DVD duplication system will automatically display how many discs were detected.
c. When the FL DVD duplication system is ready to copy, press ENT to execute CD/DVD copying.
d. When the FL DVD duplication system starts the copying process, it will start loading the disk. It will then analyze the disks, and then start copying. During the copying process, the LCD screen will display the Master Source Disc’s data size and copying progress
e. When finished, the FL DVD duplication system will continue a verification to make a disc Readability check.
f. When the verification is complete, the Writer Trays will automatically eject the completed discs.
FL DVD duplication system
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TX CD/DVD duplicator
PA CD/DVD duplicator
IL CD/DVD duplicator
GA CD/DVD duplicator
SC CD/DVD duplicator
NY DVD duplication system
NJ DVD duplication system


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