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About divorce court determine where parents exercise should consider the basic situation Child Custody in San Ramon, the marriage law no specific provision. The marriage law article 29 in lactation as principle only, after divorce, lactation child with lactation mother raised for the principle. After lactation child support from both parents agreement, To reach an agreement, the people's court according to the rights and interests of the child to the specific conditions of both parties. In any case, what is in their minor children's interests? It is often difficult to grasp the judicial practice of a problem. Except in the case of divorce on special, parents are obviously not for exercise, the case photograph is easy to determine where divorce parents for exercise, in most of the Child Custody in San Ramon in the case of divorce, both parents to exercise, and both sides to Child Custody in San Ramon is approximately the same conditions for exercising custody. In this case, the court has great discretion. Some scholars to the following theoretical consideration criteria:
The exercise of the Child Custody in San Ramon, divorced parents must be the individual character, ability and professional status and its relation between children and can better care for children (especially for young children can take care of myself), best the healthy development. With the spirit of physical condition, more should emphasize support for children in mind, spiritual support.
In the divorce conditions, should consider the Child Custody in San Ramon of the decision can make children present and future development of education, obtain consistency. Therefore, in both parents and children have a good relationship, should consider the cases so far mostly children live together with their parents where.
In consideration of the above two principles, both to consider their age, sex and children. generally speaking, the children will often because its age and motivation, and as a parent who has strong links to the court to the children, to test them for Child Custody in San Ramon.

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