How to use NJ DVD duplication system duplicating

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How to use NJ DVD duplication system duplicating Empty How to use NJ DVD duplication system duplicating

Post  Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 12:07 am

If you buy a 16X NJ DVD duplication system, why can choose when duplicat 4X? How can you achieve 16X duplication?
To achieve high speed, remove the burn rate of NJ DVD duplication system, it also requires the ability to plate the support, please check whether you use the disks for high speed NJ DVD duplication system. Such as 16X and support more than 30 16X DVD duplication blanks and support will also more than 30 8X DVD duplication disk 16X and super carved 12X or. Detailed List you can reference plate Chinese website firmware upgrade procedure each version of the Media List files compressed package.
You also can try to use 8X DVD + R blanks in the NJ DVD duplication system, the DW1610 / DW1620 / DW1620pro 16X can achieve in the duplicating 12X or speed.

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